These MYSMART foods have clean, pure ingredients that create a beneficial balance of macronutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, and fats mainly from coconut oil. And they support a low-glycemic impact on your body.
MySmartShakes were designed with personalization in mind.

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MySmartShakes were designed with personalization in mind. You’ll be able to get a shake that perfectly fits your needs and tastes. It's as easy as 1,2,3....
STEP 1 - CHOOSE YOUR PROTEIN BASE Three protein bases with a mild vanilla flavor—plant, soy, and whey
STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR OPTIMIZER -  Five USANA MySmart™ Flavor Optimizers—dark chocolate, cappuccino, peach mango, banana, and orange cream
STEP 3 - ADD A BOOSTER, like USANA MySmart™Shake Protein Plus—our new whey protein optimizer
STEP 4 - Stock up on your low glycemic and protein- rick snack bars


MySmartShake Plant Shake Base

Healthy Protein Shake Base with pea & potato protein.

MySmartShake Whey Shake Base

MySmartShake Whey Shake Base

MySmartShake Soy Shake Base

MySmartShake Soy Protein Shake Base

MySmartShake Orange Cream Flavor Opt

MySmartShake Orange Cream Flavor Optimizer is a way to personalize your shake.

MySmartShake Cappuccino Flavor Optimizer

MySmartShake Cappuccino Flavor Optimizer is a way to personalize your shake.

MySmartShake Banana Flavor Optimizer

MySmartShake Banana Flavor Optimizer is a way to personalize your shake.

MySmartShake Peach Mango Flavor Opt

MySmartShake Peach Mango Flavor Optimizer is a way to personalize your shake.

MySmartShake Chocolate Flavor Optimizer

MySmartShake Dark Chocolate Flavor Optimizer is a way to personalize your shake.

MySmartShake Protein Plus Booster

Pure Whey protein to add to shakes.

MySmartBar Dark Chocolate

MySmartBar Dark Chocolate protein bar

MySmartShake Fibergy Plus

MySmart Fibergy Plus is a flavorless fiber blend that you add to juice or any MySmartShake base.

MySmartBar Peanut Butter

MySmartBar Peanut Butter Protein Bar

MySmartBar Coconut Cashew

MySmartBar Coconut Cashew Protein Bar

More Packs to Meet Individual Needs

USANA's line of nutritionals has a wide range of products for most major body systems: cardiovascular, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, and cellular function. This allows you to target specific areas of your health based on your personal needs.


Core supplements, including the Essentials™, pre-packed in convenient AM and PM pouches.

The Core of Good Health Pack

The essentials for good health and digestion:The USANA® Essentials, Hepasil DTX™, and Fibergy® Plus.

Clean Eating Total Balance Pack

Nutrimeal™ Free plus complete digestive support with USANA® Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme.

Belly Balance Pack

USANA Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme for excellent digestive support.

Digestive Support Pack

Balanced support for healthy detoxification and digestion with Hepasil DTX™ and Fibergy® Plus.

Sleep Support Pack

Combine the calming effect of magnesium in Active Calcium with sleep aid Pure Rest.

Clean Eating Support Pack

Eating cleaner with Nutrimeal™ Free? Help keep your digestion on track with Digestive Enzyme.